14th September 2014


14 September 2014

15:37 - The medal ceremonies are taking place and there is tremendous applause for each athlete as they receive their medals.

Great Britain take part in a lap of honour at the conclusion of the ceremonies and they are soaking up the appreciation from the crowd.

What an inspiring four days of action it has been across all the sports in these Invictus Games, presented by Jaguar Land Rover. Some incredible stories and all the athletes, whether they have won gold or finished last, have shown true Invictus Spirit in what they have done.

15:17 - He may have had to settle for a silver medal but the USA's Max Rohn was quick to talk of his pride at competing at the Invictus Games.

"This is what I train for all year round, to do stuff like this. The Invictus Games is one of the best competitions I've ever been a part of," he said.

"I've loved doing a team sport for Team USA. Whenever you get a medal, it's for a team, not just yourself.

"I'm very proud to be part of Team USA. For the millions of veterans we have out there, there's not too many competing so it's probably the proudest thing I've ever done."

15:06 - Great Britain claim a hat-trick of gold medals in the Copper Box Arena by winning the Sitting Volleyball.

Great Britain turned on the style in the second half of the third set to streak clear and to win 25-12 and take the final 3-0.

But full credit to the USA who played their part in a terrific final and showed true Invictus Spirit throughout their matches in the competition.

15:00 - USA call two time-outs in quick succession as Great Britain quickly open up a 17-11 lead. Union Jacks are waving around the arena.

14:55 - Tight as can be in the third set with the scores tied at 10-10.

14:45 - And the time-out is used perfectly as Great Britain take the second set 25-22 to open up a two set lead. They are now just one set away from the gold medal.

14:41 - The USA are showing the true Invictus Spirit as they mount a stunning comeback to close the deficit to just one point. Great Britain call a time-out with the score at 20-19.

14:39 - The Invictus Games have been organised with the support and backing of The Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry and the Ministry of Defence.

And there is a massive cheer for the Prince as he is shown on the big screen as the spectators show their appreciation for the event he championed.

14:31 - USA call a time-out as Great Britain open up a five point lead in the second set - score currently 13-8.

14:20 - Great Britain are feeding off the electric noise in the Arena as they take the first set 25-11.

14:10 - Brilliant play by Great Britain at the start of this final as they take a 10-6 lead in the first set - they don't appear to be suffering from any nerves.

14:04 - The final will be a best-of-five sets affair as opposed to best-of-three in previous matches.

14:01 - The stands are vibrating the noise is so loud - we are moments away from the first serve of the final.

13:52 - An 'Invictus Wave' makes it's way around the Arena as the players warm-up for the final and the atmosphere is simply incredible.

And there is no doubt which team one fan is supporting in this final with them dressed head to toe in the Union Jack.

13:49 - So there is only one game remaining in the Copper Box as - for the third day running - Great Britain face the USA in a gold medal match.

Friday saw Great Britain prevail 13-12 in the wheelchair rugby before they added the wheelchair basketball gold to their collection with a 19-9 win.

The crowd are on their feet as the players enter the arena and the noise nearly lifts the roof off the place as the teams are introduced.

13:43 - Netherlands claim the bronze medal in Sitting Volleyball after winning the second set 25-19 and the Dutch fans are on their feet.

But the Invictus Spirit is once again on show, the Georgian players with smiles on their faces despite the result and both sides sharing warm embraces with each other.

And the Georgians receive a tremendous reception from the crowd in the Copper Box as they depart the arena.

13:31 - There is nothing to split the two sides midway through the second set. The Netherlands are producing some brilliant blocks at the net, although Georgia have profited from the space they are leaving at the back of the court to secure points with lob shots.

It is currently 13-12 Georgia and the tension is rising.

13:17 - What a tense first set that was, continuing the drama that was served up this morning.

Both sides have put behind their disappointments in the semi-final and are producing some fantastic volleyball.

The Netherlands shade the set 25-19 much to the delight of their fans dotted around the arena.

The Copper Box is rocking with noise -  and it's only going to get louder.

13:10 - Invictus is Latin for unconquered, a word that embodies the fighting spirit of these men and women and what they can achieve, post-injury.

And there is great mutual respect between all the competitors on show, the spirit of the Games highlighted as all the Georgian players applaud an impressive tip over the net from the Netherlands to secure a point.

12:45 - The atmosphere inside the Copper Box is electric as the Netherlands and Georgia come out to warm-up ahead of the bronze medal match.

Spectators are flocking through the doors as we get ready for the final session of action in the arena of the Invictus Games.

11:33 - What a game that was to round off the morning session. The Dutch showed everything that sums up the Invictus Games as they refused to lie down and be beaten but ultimately fell just short.

If this morning's matches are anything to go by then the medal matches this afternoon promise to be cracking encounters.

11:31 - The Copper Box may not be full as yet but it is most definitely loud as a chant of "U-S-A!" echoes around the arena during a time-out with Netherlands fans responding with a chant of their own.

And the Netherlands players feed off the atmosphere to winning five out of six points to level things up at 18-18 in the second set.

The Dutch then move into a three point lead only for the Americans to mount a comeback of their own with both sides displaying some terrific reactive play.

The USA show their steel to win the second set 25-22 to set up yet another gold medal clash with Great Britain.

11:06 - But the USA turn on the style that saw them top Pool B to take the first set 25-15.

A quick look on social media and the word that keeps coming up is 'inspirational' and it is the perfect way to sum up these Games.

All these competitors are mothers, fathers, husbands and wives who put their lives on the line, suffered life-changing injuries but refused to be beaten.

10:54 - In sitting volleyball, players can use any part of their body to return the ball over the net and the Netherlands' Frens Hartgers shows some fancy footwork to prevent a USA spike winning a point.

The two sides are matching each other point for point at the moment with the score tied at 8-8 in the first set.

10:34 - Several orange shirts on show in the crowd as the Netherlands prepare to face the USA in the second semi-final but there are a section of American fans in one corner of the arena.

10:24 - Charlie Walker was part of the Great Britain sides which won the wheelchair rugby and wheelchair basketball and is ready to add another gold medal to his tally.

"I've been a bit busy in here," he said after the semi-final. "We had a few nerves as it's a huge space to fill but we've got the nerves out of the way now and we're ready for the final."


10:21 - The Invictus Games are championed by Prince Harry and he is in the building to see the closing stages of the first semi-final.

Georgia are doing all they can to get back into the match, displaying the fighting spirit that sums up these Games.

But Great Britain prevail 25-11 to keep alive their prospects of a hat-trick of gold medals inside the Copper Box to add to the wheelchair rugby and wheelchair basketball titles won on Friday and Saturday respectively.

10:12 - The Copper Box Arena is vibrating as spectators join in with a chorus of We Will Rock You during a time-out.

Great Britain are displaying some incredible defence as players throw themselves around all over the court to protect their advantage which currently stands at 15-5 in the second set.

10:01 - The Invictus Games are a unique chance for the public to celebrate the 'invictus spirit' through sporting achievement and the spectators are being treated to some spectacular rallies as the players stretch themselves to their limits to keep points alive.

There is no doubt which team the majority inside the Copper Box would like to see progress to the final, but the Georgian fans are making sure their voices are heard as they look to drive their side on.

One of the main differences between sitting volleyball and indoor volleyball is that you are allowed to block the serve and Great Britain are using their tall players to their advantage in that regard as they take the first set 25-8.

09:32 - A huge noise erupts inside the Copper Box as Great Britain and Georgia enter the arena for the first semi-final.

09:27 - What a fantastic match to start off the day. Denmark show the unconquerable spirit that sums up the Invictus Games as they come from a set down to win the 5th/6th place game.

With it being a race to 15 points in the final set, the Danes appeared in control at 13-8 but Germany won four points in a row to take the game down to the wire.

And both sides receive a standing ovation at the end of the game as the crowd show their appreciation for the drama they have just witnessed.

09:10 - The Copper Box is filling up nicely as Denmark storm back to win the second set 25-12 to take the 5th/6th place match to a deciding set.

And there seem to be plenty of Danish fans already in the arena as a huge roar goes up as the team return to the court - can they feed off the support to take victory?

08:56 - Eight countries entered the sitting volleyball competition with the preliminary rounds taking place earlier in the week.

Great Britain and the USA finished top of their respective groups with perfect records with neither of them dropping a set.

Great Britain will face Georgia in the first semi-final at 09:30 with the USA facing the Netherlands at 10:30.

The medal matches will then take place this afternoon - the bronze medal match starting at 13:00 before the final at 14:15.

08:50 - It's the final day of the Invictus Games, presented by Jaguar Land Rover, and the Copper Box plays host to sitting volleyball.

There has been some incredibly inspiring moments throughout the three days of action so far and today will be no different.

Sitting volleyball is one of the most popular and well recognised disability sports. Players are required to keep their pelvis in contact with the floor at all times.

The first game of the day is the 5th/6th place match between Germany and Denmark and the former has just taken the first set.