14th September 2014


14 September 2014

14:40 - And that's it from Here East for one Invictus Games. We've seen some unbelievable performances today in the powerlifting, and the crowd could not have been better in showing their support!

14:25 - The USA's Melissa Conduti, who won silver in the women's heavyweight competition, says her favourite thing about the Invictus Games has been the chance to meet her fellow athletes.

“It's humbling to see the support we are receiving here,” she said.

“To be part of a team again makes me feel so good. I feel like I have a purpose again, and a reason to get out of bed again.

“I've loved meeting everyone from different countries and their family members, and sharing the stories of our triumphs.”

14:20 - Toninho Norden saves his best until last, with the Dutchman lifting 152kg with ease to claim the silver medal.

The Netherlands fans are again making themselves heard right until the end as the official results

14:10 - Nathan Cumberland is acting as chief cheerleader for Great Britain, whipping the crowd into a frenzy as James Wilson takes the lead in the men's heavyweight competition with 131kg.

Cumberland himself topped out at 129kg in his third attempt just minutes ago.

13:50 - Dutch athlete Erik Mooij is certainly making his daughter's birthday a memorable one, completing his second lift of 130kg.

His family are at the back of the stand, and you can't miss them with their trademark orange colours.

13:30 - A New Zealand flag is draped over the front railings as Dion Taka successfully completes his first attempt in the second pool of the men's heavyweight competition.

13:15 - Israel Del Toro tells the crowd on the big screen that the coverage and support for the Invictus Games has blown his mind.

Del Toro donned his lucky hat for his third successful lift - the hat he was wearing when he was injured in the IED blast.

“All my colleagues know that this is my lucky hat,” he said. “I wore it all the time and when I got hit I thought I had lost it.

“I was 80% covered in burns, so I thought there was no way the hat would survive.

“But when I was out of my coma one of my colleagues handed it back to me. I broke down because I never thought I would see it again.

“I told this story to Prince Harry and he has called it the Invictus Hat.”

There's one thing for sure - Del Toro is certainly unconquered.

12:55 - We are three hours into the powerlifting action but the crowd show no signs of calming down, cheering, gasping and pumping their fists throughout each lift.

And the athletes continue to provide them with top quality lifting!

12:35 - The standard of competition at Here East is remarkable. All of the heavyweight men have completed their first round lifts and we move into the second round with Brit Ryan Davies successful at 80kg.

Invictus Games - Day Four - Powerlifting

12:10 - Remarkable stuff from the USA's Israel Del Toro, lifting his first attempt of 80kg with ease, despite having lost the fingers on both hands in an IED blast in 2005.

In 2010, Del Toro became the first 100% disabled airman to re-enlist in the United States Air Force.

12:00 - For Carolyne Dufley it's not her first gold medal of the Games, also winning in Friday's wheelchair rugby final.

And she told us having the crowd behind her in both sports certainly played a huge part in spurring her on to victory.

“I never thought the Invictus Games would be as big as they are,” she said.

“The Copper Box the other night was amazing - I've never heard a noise like that in my life.

“The noise made me feel a bit sick to begin with to be honest but it's great to have such support, it's through the roof.”

11:45 - The crowd erupt into song, singing 'happy birthday' to the daughter of Dutch competitor Erik Mooij.

Prince Harry shows off his singing voice and eagerly joins in.

11:35 - Prince Harry has arrived at Here East to watch these strongmen push the limits of their strength.

The Games are being organised with the support and backing of The Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry and the Ministry of Defence.

Invictus Games - Day Four - Powerlifting

11:20 - There's a lone Estonian flag waving in the crowd, but that doesn't stop everyone else cheering on Raigo Roots, who completes his second attempt with ease.

11:10 - There's some eye-watering weights being lifted in round one by these men, with Micky Yule of Great Britain racking up an incredible 170kg - more than 100kg over his own body weight!

And the crowd go wild as Yule lifts it as if it were made of foam, letting out a Hulk-like roar as he did so!

Invictus Games - Day Four - Powerlifting

10:55 - That's the women's competition done and dusted, with USA's Lakin Booker taking the gold in the lightweight category.

Now it's the turn of the men's lightweight athletes and a cloud of chalk spreads across the stage as the competitors appreciate the applause shown to them by the crowd.

10:45 - Lovely scenes as Great Britain's Carolyne Dufley wins gold in the women's heavyweight category and is congratulated on stage by her two daughters.

She said before the competition that she wanted to show her children how much sport has helped her on the road to recovery and now they've seen her win Invictus Games Gold!

10:35 - The crowd at Here East are brilliant - cheering each and every competitor on as they push the weights up.

These athletes are the embodiment of everything the Invictus Games stands for. They have been tested and challenged, but they have not been overcome.

And there is no greater show of their physical strength than powerlifting!

10:20 - The first round of lifts is complete and the good news is that all of the women successfully completed their attempt.

It's not just about who lifts the heaviest weight, however. A complicated formula is used to calculate a score based on the athlete's body weight and the weight lifted on the bar.

10:05 - The six athletes competing in the women's open final are introduced to the already raucous crowd, and New Zealand's Amy Baynes is the first to take to the stage.

Each competitor has three lifts in the competition, the first being a weight they are confident of lifting, before moving on to their potential medal-winning lifts.

09:45 - Good morning and welcome to Day Four of the Invictus Games, presented by Jaguar Land Rover!

Here East has undergone another makeover with the 12 rowing machines of yesterday replaced by a weights bench as the powerlifting competition gets underway.

We have no fewer than nine countries competing today in the men's and women's, lightweight and heavyweight competitions.