The Defence Recovery Capability (DRC)

Every member of the British Armed Forces team at the Invictus Games has gone through the Defence Recovery Capability (DRC).

The Ministry of Defence led initiative, managed in partnership with Help for Heroes and The Royal British Legion and supported by other Service charities and organisations, is designed to give wounded, injured and sick Servicemen and women the support they need in returning to duty or transitioning to civilian life.

One of its key elements is the tailored Individual Recovery Plan which integrates all aspects of recovery including medical care, welfare, housing, education, reskilling, work placements and employment. Care is then delivered across the defence community that helps these men and women focus on what they can achieve, post-injury, and ensures both they and their family get the appropriate, longterm support. Personnel Recovery Centres in major garrisons in the UK offer a secure residential capacity to those undergoing recovery and provide facilities for day attendees. They also act as a launch point for other recovery activities such as Battle Back, an adaptive sport and adventures training programme featuring more than 300 activities.

Sport has long been recognised as a crucial and accelerative part of the recovery process. Along with the physical benefits, it builds confidence and self-esteem. There are social benefits, too, with men and women who have trained and served together able to compete and recover together in a team.

Talk to some of those competing in the Invictus Games and they’ll tell you competitive sport has made all the difference to their journey of recovery and rehabilitation. At the Invictus Games we can celebrate their fighting spirit through sporting achievement. For more on the DRC visit